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Cooper Barnes Automotive had an unusual pitch: they are the business that no-one
wants to use! However, Neil Hamilton-Meikle, their head of sales and marketing, told
the Hot Stories event why this approach, if unconventional, is exactly the reason they
offer such an invaluable service.
Cooper Barnes Automotive
The problem that all their customers have, he explained, is that when they come to see them, it means their pride and joy — their car — has been damaged in some way.
Whatever the reason or cause of the problem, something is wrong and it needs fixing. However, Cooper Barnes Automotive is there to take the pain away.
The most obvious way they do that is by repairing the car. They have established themselves as the area’s leading accident repair specialists and can handle every aspect of vehicle maintenance and repair. They will even pick up and drop off your car, so all you have to do is wait until it’s returned, repaired and valeted, looking as good as it ever did.
But it’s not just the pain caused by a damaged vehicle they take away.
Indeed, for many, the real pain of an accident is not the damage. It’s dealing with the insurers. The accident might be over in a fraction of a second, but it will mean you will spend what seems like weeks on hold dealing with insurers and trying to process the claim.
Insurers, of course, don’t offer insurance for purely altruistic reasons. It might be cynical to suggest that the difficulty in making a claim is a ploy to put people off, but it’s certainly true that insurance companies will seek to reduce the amount they pay out.
Insurers may provide an invaluable service, but they don’t have just your interests at heart, they are thinking about shareholders too. That might mean they try to minimise the amount of damage suffered, and therefore the insurance paid, or try to force you to use their preferred garage, who might use cheaper generic parts.
This is why Cooper Barnes Automotive aren’t just vehicle repair experts, but they are experts at dealing with insurers, too.

While they take care of your car, they will also take care of your insurance. Whether it’s a fault or no-fault claim, and whether it’s your insurers or the other party’s, they will handle all the phone calls and paperwork, so you don’t have to waste hours on hold.

Regardless of who insures you (and what your insurer might try to tell you) you can use any garage you want for repair, and that means you can take advantage of Cooper Barnes service.

And, because they are working for you — not the insurance company — they will
ensure that they get the best possible outcome, so you aren’t just driving a pristine car
again, but you can be confident that you haven’t lost out to a frustrating insurance bureaucracy.

Cooper Barnes Automotive is a member of the Vehicle Builders &
Repairers Association and all their body repair comes with a three-year guarantee.
However, Neil adds that the real assurance they provide is that they will only release a car they would be happy for their mothers to drive (and they all love their Mums)!

Cooper Barnes Automotive offer the full range of vehicle services and can even carry out other repairs while they have your car. A family business, they don’t just promise a jargon-free, open and straightforward service, they also promise that they will always welcome careless drivers!
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