Joanna Morrow, Passion for Growth
Joanna Morrow, Passion for Growth
Joanna Morrow has over thirty years’ experience in Human Resources and is a chartered
member of the Institute of Personnel development.

As she shared with the Hot Stories
networking event, that has meant she’s heard many stories about what is wrong with
organisations. And that was what inspired her to start Passion for Growth, so people don’t
have to tell those stories anymore.
Almost everyone who has worked as an employee will have a negative story to tell.

While these often become amusing anecdotes afterwards, when they are experienced they can result in resentment, low morale, and can destroy a business’s productivity.

And, as an HR professional.
Joanna would regularly hear these stories from both sides.

Employees might approach her because HR is often seen as the guardian angel of staff.

They might share their tales of having to spend their time on pointless training, or of a poor culture that destroyed workplace relationships, or just a bad boss who made unreasonable demands.

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Meanwhile, from a company leadership she might hear of underperforming staff or be asked
to manage grievance or disciplinary meetings. A set of processes she calls ‘turn the handle’
activities, since they act as little more than a grinder, taking people in at one end and putting
them through a difficult and demoralising experience.

With her decades of experience, Joanna could list the faults that were common to many
companies. But she also began to realise that the usual tools that businesses — and HR
professionals — used to manage them simply weren’t working. While they might manage an
individual case, they never identified or addressed the underlying problems and issues, and
therefore never prevented a repeat.

Joanna understands that every business exists to succeed and make a profit, but sometimes
their focus on their financial outcomes means they forget that every business is a collection
of people. Real, sustainable, success comes by ensuring all the people in the business are
committed and aligned. When everyone knows their job, has the freedom to get on with it,
and the support and trust of everyone around them, a business thrives.
Passion for Growth exists to help businesses make sure that every day is a success. That
doesn’t just mean profit, but that everyone, from the CEO down, finishes their day achieving
their goals, feeling valued, and working for an organisation that is exceeding its targets.

Joanna offers a range of services to help businesses in any position.
They can offer simple strategic support, supplying advice and guidance to a business, or coaching and mentoring
to leaders and others that would benefit, or even offer interim HR services,
providing hands-on support for the business as HR becomes a key strategic partner in achieving your
business goals.

However, Passion for Growth is not just for those businesses that have already had
problems. Joanna will also work with businesses from day one, helping them set up the
practices and develop the culture that means they are built for growth. Like our reputation
management or social media services, it’s always much better — not to say much easier —
to start with the best practices in place than it is to fix things later.

A business strategy without a people strategy won’t work: Joanna’s mission is to make sure
you have everything you need in place to see your business succeed.

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