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Most people would imagine that 2019, just before the pandemic closed down much of the
world, would be the worst possible time to start a business. And if it was a business that
hired equipment for parties and events, it would surely be a disaster. But at the Hot Stories
networking event, Monster Inflatables shared their experiences of turning the pandemic into
an opportunity.

As the pandemic moves further back in our memory, the precise details of the restrictions
become hazy for most people. Because many spent most of their time at home, they forget
that the restrictions changed frequently. And that although they were intended to restrict
physical contacts, and transmission of the virus, their government was also trying to keep the
economy moving as much as possible.


This meant that Monster Inflatables, amazingly, was able to offer a service through all by the
most stringent restriction periods.

Although inflatables are usually associated with large parties, charity events, and fêtes, the
company had a range of inflatables and equipment for hire for almost any location. And they
highlighted these options for potential customers.
At a time when the options for entertainment were limited, it meant that families could take
advantage of small inflatables to generate fun and excitement (as well as some hidden
exercise) for their children in a garden. The company even has several small inflatables
designed for indoor use, so even during inclement weather, people could take advantage.
And during periods of lighter restrictions, for example when outdoor mixing was allowed, it
meant that people could easily create a party feel, even when the circumstances were less
than ideal.
The biggest problem they faced was not operating during the pandemic, but getting their
business known in the region.

Because it was an industry that was reliant on word-of-mouth,
with parents sharing their details at children’s parties, or event organisers finding out about
them at parties, the lack of social mixing restricted this.

Monster Inflatables overcame this by working with Gemini Web Media to raise its profile.
They developed their social media presence, helping to highlight that they were open and
doing business — often helping people to consider an option they probably didn’t realise was
possible. And they also worked together on reputation management, helping Monster
Inflatables really build their five-star reputation on review sites.

Together, this helped them gain the visibility on social media, and develop the trust they
needed on the web, to help drive traffic and new customers to the business.

Now the pandemic is over, they are still working together. Pandemic or not, businesses will
also need to have a reputation that helps them find new customers. However, it has meant
that Monster Inflatables didn’t just survive the pandemic, but thrived throughout it. When
most businesses stagnated, or even closed, Monster Inflatables grew their business, starting
the post-pandemic period with over 100 inflatables, making them one of the country’s largest
inflatable hire operations.

They still offer their range of smaller inflatables that are suitable for gardens, small parties,
and even just one or two children. But they are now also working at large events, from charity
galas to business celebrations and staff parties, they even have an inflatable snow globe for

Monster Inflatables illustrate that, with support, a good business can succeed even in the
most challenging times. And that when they can do that, they can truly flourish when times
get better.
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Our bouncy castle hire (Essex) company Monster Inflatables in known throughout the land as the number one choice for all of your indoor fun needs for children of all ages and yes those big kids called adults.

That’s what we adults deserve to have some fun too with all of the stress and uncertainty in life. 
It has never been more important for our society to learn to get rid of that stress through community, laughter fun and being active.


Turn your indoor area into a safe clean fun house with our bouncy castle hire and a very affordable price.
We make sure you keep our prices low and our standards high not just in the products but in our services.
Kick back and enjoy the good time knowing that these memories that you create today with your family and our rentals will live on forever. We all look back to our childhood and remember those parties, birthdays fun times of playing with friends and family. 
We make sure that you can create these memories and only remember the good times knowing that our bouncy castles never lost there bounce and kept smiles and laughter the whole time.

Bouncy castles at Monster Inflatables will perform for all monsters regardless of their size, shape, age, or how many arms they have!!! We will be there to help you bounce around on all special occasions from christenings, fairs, parties, and everything in between.
With a vast array of themes to choose from you will always find exactly what you are looking for from Super Mario to spiderman. From Roblox to cute pretty unicorns.
Quality and selection are here because we want to offer than a perfect bouncy castle for our clients here in Essex.

Small bouncy castle hire in Chelmsford
Small Bouncy Castle Hire Chelmsford
Hire Bouncing Castle hire cost 
For Little Monsters in Chelmsford
All our little monster products are suitable for children up to 12 years. All of our equipment in this section is perfect for building the ultimate party experience, from bouncy castles, to mascots and softplay, ball pools, go-karts and experiences that last a lifetime in memory!
small bouncy castle hire chelmsford
Our little monster products are suitable for a broad age range of children up to the age of twelve and have been hand-picked with thought gone into each and every product.
The equipment here isn't just "suitable for children", but it's perfect for them.
From bouncy castles to snow globes, you can build a party around any and all of the products here, each one making your celebration special.
Sometimes you know exactly what you're looking for, but other times you need food for thought;
This category is perfect for when you don't know what you want, you just want to be inspired and know you want your child and guests to have a good time!

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Bouncy Castle Hire Chelmsford

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