Salus Wellness Limited

Salus Wellness Limited

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Salus Wellness Limited
Salus Wellness Limited
Salus was the Roman goddess of wellbeing, and, in Italy, the name is a common sight adorning almost every type of business concerned
with health and wellbeing. In the UK, however,
Salus Wellness is probably the only company to use her name.
Salus Wellness Limited
Massimo Gaetani joined the Hot Stories event to tell us how
Salus Wellness looks after
the health and wellbeing
of their customers — who are both those
seeking treatment
and the practitioners who provide it.
Salus Wellness has ten treatment rooms in the centre of Cambridge.
The rooms, range from those fully equipped for physical therapies, like physiotherapy and massage, to those available for talking therapies and coaching services; Massimo even offers business coaching from the centre. With over 70 practitioners working at Salus Wellness, it means that get almost any treatment you might consider in just one place.
Massimo Gaetani
Massimo Gaetani
Salus Wellness vet all the practitioners before they are allowed to practice at the site.
This will include proving they have the right qualifications, full insurance, are members
of the relevant membership or regulatory body, and can provide references and
evidence of their experience.

This means that anyone booking a session of any type
can be confident that they are in safe hands, whatever the help they are seeking.
It doesn’t just have a great offer and range of services for clients and patients, though. It
is also ideal for practitioners.

Often people will become qualified in a therapy or practice. Or they will decide to branch
out on their own, having worked for another clinic or service. Unfortunately, they then
face a lengthy wait for the phone to ring with a booking. Salus Wellness helps keep that
wait short.
The centre does not just offer a set of consulting rooms, but also includes a range of
services that go far beyond being just a place to work.

Perhaps the most important is that it offers a fully staffed reception and waiting area. As
well as the security and reassurance this provides to everyone, it also means that Salus
Wellness can manage bookings, as well as directing enquiries to the relevant
practitioners, helping them build their caseload.

And it also offers flexibility. Providers can opt to have regular weekly hours at the
centre, but equally, can also opt for flexible, ad hoc bookings, which can be ideal when
starting out — helping to keep costs low while still benefiting from the availability of a professional working space.
Likewise, there is always the option for practitioners to
book additional hours, to help deal with a growth in their caseload or just to handle urgent or emergency bookings.

And, because it’s a community of professional practitioners, it offers the opportunity for cross-referrals. A client looking for physiotherapy, for example, might also benefit from
sports massage, providing opportunities for two practitioners, as well as the convenience for the client who only has a single visit.
Perhaps uniquely for treatment venues, Salus Wellness also provide business suppport. For example, Massimo runs a monthly workshop and offers advice to everyone at the
centre. So, whether it’s an experienced practitioner looking for a little support, or someone who is branching out on their own, they can benefit from expert guidance to help them grow and develop their wellness business. Massimo has seen several people start at the centre with no clients and rapidly grow to having a full caseload of ten or twenty clients for their time there.
Whether you are someone looking for treatment or support, or a practitioner in need of a venue,
Salus Wellness might be the only destination you need.

Salus Wellness Clinics
Norman House, Cambridge Place
Cambridge CB2 1NS

Tel 01223 300222

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