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Keith Benjamin

Keith Benjamin told his Hot Story of a radical career change, that saw him move from working in people’s homes to supporting people’s businesses.

Keith was, originally, a carpet fitter.

A career that saw him out during the day and, if
necessary, sometimes working long hours to ensure that the job was completed to fit in with his client’s needs and schedule.
However, a family illness meant he had to give up his job, so
he could act as a carer.

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This also meant that he had time at home that he wanted to put to good use. So, he started
learning graphic design and web design. While he was doing this, he could also see how
high street businesses were struggling. No matter how good their service, they were not
competing effectively with giants like Amazon. He realised that, to succeed, a bricks and
mortar business also needs a strong online presence, and started Media Marketing Today to
help businesses develop that presence.

Media Marketing Today can help a business with their full range of design needs.
Working on the graphic design, they can help a business develop its brand and style, creating a striking
and consistent image that stands out on the high street and on their material and packaging.
Then they can carry this look into the bespoke website, ensuring that whether a customer
visits a business at their premises or online, they are greeted with the same look and feel
that reassures them of the great service they will receive. And because they develop sites on
the popular and powerful WordPress platform, which is used by around a quarter of all
internet sites, it means that once developed, the customer controls their content.
Media Marketing Today
Media Marketing Today
Keith Benjamin
The company also develops interactive media for businesses. And this can work both online
and in the real world.

Online, they can develop interactive videos for customers. Video is an immersive and
effective media to use on a website.
Platforms like YouTube and, more recently, TikTok, along with the constant improvement in internet speeds on mobile devices, have meant that people are used to consuming media.

However, interactive video means that people don’t
just watch. Instead, the video can contain calls to action, for example, offering people more
information, inviting people to a complete a web sign-up, or even allowing them to make
purchases direct from the video.

In the real-world, Media Marketing Today can link simple QR codes
with dynamic links on websites.

While the humble QR code has been a familiar sight for years,
it is starting to take off.

However, rather than simply redirecting to a static link, a simple process, Media
Marketing Today can set up the link to ensure that the result changes.

This might mean, for example, the same QR code points to changing offers, or to different pages to reflect seasonal stock changes. And because the results can and do change, it means that
customers will continue to use it, giving you more opportunities to convert their interest into

Media Marketing Today has become Haverhill’s premier graphic and web design agency and
is ready to help clients ensure they have an effective online presence to support their

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